Dj Heurch can be booked for events and festivals including clubs and gatherings. Dj Heurch can also be booked for playing at private parties such as weddings, birthday parties, receptions and opening ceremonies. Please e-mail to about potential bookings.


Dj Heurch plays his own music sets and can be booked for a minimum of one hour. The maximum of hours booked is six hours. The booking will have to made at least two weeks in advance. Necessary promotion for Dj Heurch music and photos should be made on social networks and published material such as flyers and posters on behalf of the booker. Pricing can vary depending on the event and the budget of the organisaers. Half of the amount should be payed a week before the event. The second half should be given in cash right after of the dj set performance. In case of cancellation before the event, 25% of the deposit will be refunded.


At Dj Heurch event arrival, the performer will have the right to invite 5 of his friends for free. Dj Heurch should have a minimum of 5 free drinks during the night. Depending on hours booked Dj Heurch will be permitted to have at least one break.

DJ Heurch

Brussels, Belgium