Heurch was born july 1st of 1982. son of a singer and musician, he followed his father’s steps and graduated  from music academy (5 years) in 1997. before getting involved in deejaying and producing, heurch was performing as singer and rapper. as a result of all his music influences, he found through songwriting a way to express himself, later on changing his focus to his dj career. from 2011 heurch has been performing and working on new productions. Proving to be talented, but also passionate for what he does, heurch has been performing in his experience for several nightclubs, bars and hotels around belgium, including cospaia, the grapevine, sett club, fiesta club, birmingham palace, villa loca, mirano, rider bar, ethnic bar, sheraton, conrad, president and many more.


Dj Heurch composes and selects the finest of deep house music and brings the best atmosphere in clubs in and around brussels. After a few years of playing and producing as a dj, he built a strong relationship with key people in the capital. He is reputed to make the difference between standard and quality dj. Heurch is definitely committed and by reference to broaden your sense of partying.


Heurch is playing for elite people that love chill out ambience towards groove dancing. People who listen to Dj Heurch come from different backgrounds around Europe. His community speaks french, english, spannish, dutch, greek, german, polish and turkish. His crowd knows his music and Heurch knows his crowd.